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Mark Mills is a Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow, a Faculty Fellow in the McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern University and a cofounding partner at Cottonwood Venture Partners, focused on digital energy technologies. Mills is a regular contributor to Forbes.com and writes for numerous publications, including City Journal, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Real Clear. Early in Mills’ career, he was an experimental physicist and development engineer in the fields of microprocessors, fiber optics and missile guidance. Mills served in the White House Science Office under President Ronald Reagan and later co-authored a tech investment newsletter. He is the author of Digital Cathedrals and Work in the Age Robots. In 2016, Mills was awarded the American Energy Society’s Energy Writer of the Year. On October 5, 2021, Encounter Books will publish Mills’ latest book, The Cloud Revolution: How the Convergence of New Technologies Will Unleash the Next Economic Boom and A Roaring 2020s.

AI’s Energy Appetite: Voracious & Efficient

The invention of useful artificial intelligence (AI), epitomized by   the hype over ChatGPT, is the latest example of a basic truth about technology. There have always been many more inventions that use energy than...

Real Robots in Our Near Future: The Rise of Capable Industrial Automatons

We know two things about the future. And both point to the need for many more and very different kinds of robots than now exist. We know that even as economies increasingly digitalize and become...

Cloudification of Skills Training & “Dirty Jobs”

Competition for the increasing limited supply of those with skills is driving up wages, which is an obvious benefit for the employee, but is also inflationary for the employer’s product or service. And it...

New Books: The Cloud Revolution

The conventional wisdom on how technology will change the future is wrong. Mark Mills lays out a radically different and optimistic vision for what’s really coming.

The Hidden Costs of Going Green

Material, Economic & Geopolitical Consequences In February 2021, I testified before committees in both the U.S. House and Senate regarding the costs and consequences of replacing the current level of hydrocarbon energy production with wind,...

Robophobia: Work in the Age of Robots

The nation today is still recovering from the unprecedented effects of widespread shutdowns in response to the coronavirus. After achieving a record low level of unemployment prior to the pandemic, economies everywhere have returned...

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