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A series of webinars that will respond to the ongoing impacts that digitization, artificial intelligence, and autonomous systems are having on our society.

Friday, December 1, 11 a.m.-Noon

Welcome to the Dakota Digital Discussions (DDD) monthly webinar series. The webinars  focus on the implications of the rapid digital transformation of our society.

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Higher Education
Blake A. Klinkner, PhD, UND School of Law

In this presentation, Prof. Blake A. Klinkner will discuss the ways in which rapidly advancing artificial intelligence (AI) will impact the future of higher education. Prof. Klinkner will discuss how AI will change higher education as early as the college application and admissions process. Prof. Klinkner will then address topics including the teaching of AI in the higher education curriculum, the training and use of AI among students, and AI on examinations. Whether educators like it or not, AI is already here, and it will only become more prevalent as it advances, and therefore educators would be best served by learning more about AI and understanding the ways in which they may acknowledge and incorporate AI into higher education.

Blake A. Klinkner is an Assistant Professor of Law at the University of North Dakota School of Law, where he teaches Civil Procedure, Cybersecurity Law, Law and Technology, and Law Practice Management. Prior to joining UND Law, Blake served as Visiting Assistant Professor of Law at Washburn University School of Law, where he taught Evidence, Academic Support, and Bar Exam Preparation. Blake has authored the Tech Tips column in the Wyoming State Bar journal since 2015. Blake completed his undergraduate degrees at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, his master’s degree at Northern Illinois University, and his juris doctor at the University of Utah School of Law. The graduating class of Washburn University School of Law recently named Blake as the 2022-23 Professor of the Year.

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