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Aakanksha Rastogi, PhD, earned an MS and PhD in Software Engineering at North Dakota State University. She has six years of industry experience in software development and quality assurance. Currently, she works as a senior software engineer at Medtronic PLC. Dr. Rastogi has expertise and research interests in visualization methodologies, cybersecurity, machine learning and threats to autonomous systems, such as self-driving cars. She has published several conference proceedings and journal articles in notable publications, such as ICJA (International Journal of Computer Applications), ISCA (International Society for Computers and their Applications), CATA (International Conference on Computers and Their Applications) and the 2017 World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering & Applied Computing. Dr. Rastogi co-authored a book chapter in Advances in CyberSecurity Management, published by Springer. She has volunteered in staffing summer workshops in cybersecurity for middle and high school girls.

Are Self-Driving Cars Safe?

Challenges in Technology, Trust, AI & Cybersecurity On April 17, 2021, a Tesla Model S automobile, equipped with autopilot control, missed a turn and crashed into a tree at high speed, killing both passengers.B. Pietsch,...

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