Tech Skills Clusters

Top 20 Current Demand

1    Microsoft Office and Productivity Tools
2    Software Development Principles
3    Technical Support
4    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
5    System Design and Implementation
6    SQL Databases and Programming
7    Data Analysis
8    Database Administration
9    Cloud Solutions
10    Health Information Management and Security
11    Data Techniques
12    Data Management
13    Software Development Methodologies
14    Software Quality Assurance
15    Scripting Languages
16    Java
17    Operating Systems
18    Management Information System (MIS)
19    JavaScript and jQuery
20    Cybersecurity

emerging Demand

1    Device Management
2    Data Wrangling
3    Augumented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR)
4    Internet Security
5    Virtual Private Networks
6    Parallel Computing
7    Configuration Management

Top 20 Forecasted Future Demand (2021-2026):

Artificial Intelligence513.70%
IT Automation251.40%
Identity Management198.80%
Application Programming Interface (API)195.60%
Behavior Analysis180.10%
Data Wrangling179.40%
Enterprise Messaging175.90%
Device Management139.80%
Software Development Tools103.30%
Data Science97.20%
Productivity Software94.70%
Cloud Solutions88.90%
Data Storage86.50%
Data Visualization83.90%
Machine Learning79.70%
Software Development Methodologies78.40%
Data Warehousing77.20%
Internet of Things (IoT)76.70%
Cloud Storage75.20%