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The Dakota Digital Academy was formed to provide access to quality education and training to assist citizens, businesses and government agencies in North Dakota engage with and adapt to the changing demands and opportunities associated with the rapid digitization of our economy and society.

The Dakota Digital Academy (DDA) was launched in the fall of 2020 to coordinate, expand, and enhance educational opportunities in computing and cyber-sciences in North Dakota and the upper Midwest. An organization of the North Dakota University System (NDUS), the DDA facilitates and supports students who wish to pursue skill development and education of high value in the digital world of today.

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Covering the cyber sciences as well as related legal, political, regulatory, social and ethical issues, and digitization’s impact on the arts. The review is written and edited for the general educated reader. It is vitally important that residents throughout the region—whether working in government or business, or who are retired—become fluent and engaged in cyber sciences and their ramifications. Articles are written mostly by faculty and students but not to promote their universities. Instead, higher education’s intellectual resources are being mobilized statewide to serve the public beyond the campus. Dakota Digital Review, along with public talks and forums, will help elevate discussions and debates about digitization, facilitating far better preparation of government and business and of voters to make crucial decisions about our future.

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Top 20 forecasted future demand (2018-2023) for digital/tech skills.

1 %
IT Automation
1 %
Artificial Intelligence
1 %
Identity Management
1 %
Financial Tech