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AI is transforming the world.

The Dakota Digital Academy has published a library of resources on AI – everything from the fundamentals of AI to recommendations for choosing AI tools and educational resources.

  • Choose a class or a program of study offered by the 11 institutions of the North Dakota University System.
  • Participate in a webinar or read an article on the impact that digitization is having on society.
  • Learn about workforce and workforce needs that are rapidly evolving to a digitally-based economy.
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Dakota Digital Review aims to elevate discussions and debates about digitization, facilitating better preparation of government and business, parents, students and voters to make crucial decisions about our collective future and about our individual and family lives.

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Top 20 forecasted future demand (2018-2023) for digital/tech skills.

1 %
IT Automation
1 %
Artificial Intelligence
1 %
Identity Management
1 %
Financial Tech