The state of DATA LITERACY

Data literacy is a hot topic. A company called DataCamp wants to democratize data skills for everyone and enable organizations to thrive in the era of data literacy. Datacamp recently surveyed 550 leaders in the U.S. and U.K. to better understand the transformational impacts of data literacy and the future of data skills (see datacamp web report).

Perhaps the most glaring takeaway from this section is that almost 90% of our respondents agreed that schools and universities must provide all students access to data literacy courses in their curriculum. Despite this, other evidence shows that just 48% of academic institutions in 2021 had data literacy skills initiatives in place.*

Three of the five top fastest growing skill sets for teams and departments in the past five years were data skills:

leaders point to inaccurate, and slow decision-making, as the biggest risks for inadequate data skills on their teams:

nearly three quarters of leaders believe those with sufficient data literacy skills outperform those with inadequate data skills: