Dakota digital discussions

A series of webinars that will respond to the ongoing impacts that digitization, artificial intelligence, and autonomous systems are having on our society.

Human society faces disruption and tumultuous change due to the rapid transformation of society into the digital realm. From smart phones to digital assistants and robotics, the technology world is evolving at lightning speed.

The Dakota Digital Discussions are going to be monthly TED Talk kinds of events that will focus on the implications of the rapid digital transformation of our society. 

DATA is the new oil:

Ross Manson, Chief Practice Officer for Industries and Strategy at Eide Bailly, will describe how data analytics has changed the skill sets required for his profession. For those teaching or pursing a career in business, certified public accounting, or if you have an interest in data analytics, Manson will explain the skills Eide Bailly is looking for with new employees.

Eide Bailly is a top 25 CPA and consulting firm headquartered in Fargo. Through Manson’s leadership, the firm has found that data-driven solutions significantly increase the quality of the firms work while reducing costs for clients.

The Dakota Digital Discussions is an offspring of the Dakota Digital Academy (DDA). The DDA was founded to help students and professionals develop and
upskill cyber knowledge and skills.