Dakota digital discussions

A series of webinars that will respond to the ongoing impacts that digitization, artificial intelligence, and autonomous systems are having on our society.

From March 8, 2022

The Dakota Digital Discussions are going to be monthly TED Talk kinds of events that will focus on the implications of the rapid digital transformation of our society.

A lifelong learning mindset tends to lead to professional opportunities, positive experiences, and career success. Approaching one’s life and work with curiosity enables forward and strategic thinking that leads to understanding business needs. Building on a strong educational foundation in the sciences, math, business, and digital technologies, lifelong learning underscores the business value that can be realized as technologies change and emerge. This talk will be of special interest to students and professionals who have a passion for pressing the envelope of change.

Co-Sponsored by the North Dakota State University Challey Institute and the North Dakota University System Dakota Digital Academy.

Steve Malme is a graduate of North Dakota State University. He has held many positions in software, engineering, business development and executive leadership with major companies (IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon) in the United States, Europe, and Asia. He has worked in developing strategic partnerships, business management, health and wellness systems, cloud computing, immersive technologies, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, data analytics, enterprise software, and electronic health records. Steve is also an innovator in the development of philanthropic initiatives to support impoverished and neglected children.

The Dakota Digital Discussions is an offspring of the Dakota Digital Academy (DDA). The DDA was founded to help students and professionals develop and
upskill cyber knowledge and skills.